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“SHHH! ….Walter’s talking!”

In over 120 MILLION daily households across the Americas, TIME STOOD STILL!. Families gathered around their TV sets to listen to the legendary and divinely-inspired astrologer Walter Mercado share their daily horoscopes and inspirational messages.

Walter’s influence and impact on the Latino community cannot be overstated. Equal parts Oprah, Liberace and Mister Rogers, Walter was a beloved figure who transcended boundaries of language, culture, and nationality. His flamboyant style and positive messages of self-empowerment resonated with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Walter broke down barriers, challenging traditional gender roles. He advocated for acceptance and tolerance.Walter would not be defined, and his unapologetic personality helped inspire and was embracedby the LGBTQ+ community. Walter’s message can be summarized as a call to embrace love and positivity while fostering understanding and compassion towards others.

Walter brought joy and spiritual guidance to everyone, encouraging them to

“Embrace your own uniqueness,”

to live their lives to the fullest and create a harmonious world.

Mission Statement

Walter Mercado Holdings LLC & The Walter Mercado Licensing Group LLC are the custodians of the legacy and brand of the beloved astrologer and spiritual guide, Walter Mercado. Our mission is to honor and celebrate the enduring legacy of Walter.

By collaborating with reputable partners, we ensure the highest standards of quality, authenticity, and integrity in all licensed products and experiences bearing the Walter Mercado name. From astrology-inspired fashion and accessories to spiritual wellness products, from captivating documentaries and films to immersive events and exhibitions, we strive to captivate hearts, expand minds, and ignite spiritual curiosity.

With a commitment to excellence, compassion, and respect, we honor Walter Mercado’s extraordinary life, radiant spirit, and profound teachings to ensure that his transformative legacy thrives and continue to touch the lives of millions for generations to come.

“I Wish You Peace and Love, Mucho Mucho Amor.” – Walter Mercado

Walter Mercado Holdings LLC owns the copyrights, trademark rights, rights of publicity, and other intellectual property rights in and to the works, brands, name, image and person of Walter Salinas Mercado worldwide


Theodore B. Gekis
Walter Mercado Licensing Group LLC